Who We Are


Ariel Castillo

Founder, Producer, CEO


Willem de Beukelaer

Founder, Director, Stunt Coordinator


Philip Michael Howe

Founder, Creative Producer, Writer

Ariel Castillo has been working on Dutch and international film sets since 1998 when he started of as a production assistant. In 2001 he made the switch to camera assisting and continued to firmly establish himself as a valued industry professional. Since 2006 he started to combine both on set technical expertise with freelance producing of commercials, music video’s and short film, a unique ‘double function’ that gained much praise for adding massive on set experience to the producer skillset. In 2010 Ariel and co-founder Philip M. Howe started to develop plans and concepts which have led to the present 10+ projects in the company’s creative vault. In 2013 Ariel produced co-founder Willem de Beukelaer’s directorial debut, the short film KROOST which premiered at the Dutch Film Festival that same year. As a producer Ariel can count on a large network of creative and technical talent and since establishing They Film Features he has been leading all film development and financing activities.

As stunt coordinator of the famous “Stuntteam Hammy de Beukelaer” established in 1968 by his father Hammy, Willem de Beukelaer has been been responsible for 85% of stunt performances in the Benelux for over 30 years after taking over daily practise in 1994. Willem and Ariel first started discussing ideas for a collaboration in 2012 on one of the sets they were working on. This led to Willem’s directorial debut with the short film KROOST in 2014. Subsequently they moved into talks to set up an international production company focussing on genre film development and production. As co-founder of They Film Features Willem brings in 35 years of filmmaking experience and entrepreneurial savviness. After having worked as a Second Unit director on many occasions, including Paul Verhoeven’s “Blackbook”, Willem is now attached to direct the feature film “SUR5ALL” written by Robert A. Jansen and “GOLD FEVER” written by co-founder Philip M. Howe.

Philip Michael Howe is a self-made creative writer and lifelong ruler of the “Philiverse”, where he harvests an impressive amount of stories and characters to feed the They Film Features creative slate. Dedicated full-time to script writing and story development since 2011, he was twice invited to the London based Industrial Scripts: Talent Connector program, in 2012 and 2013. The intellectual property created by Philip forms the basis of operations for the first 5 years after founding They Film Features in 2015.

In 2016, he co-created and wrote the first short film for upcoming sci-fi comedy SPACE BEERS, and along with KLOMP! Animation and The Space Brewery, made and released a short animation prologue with live action teaser to introduce the world to the franchise. In 2017, the first live-action short will film in Scotland and Amsterdam. They’ve also partnered up with popular local brewers Two Chefs Brewing and created SPACE MONKEY, a unique consumer beer that ties in directly to the franchise.